For the collection "Post - Human Speed" by Anne Sofie Madsen, SS14 I designed this Knitwear.

The Inspiration for the SS14 collection " Post-Human Speed" emerges from three different phenomena: Kasper Hauser, a German youngster, claiming to have grown up in the total isolation of a darkened cell. Inochi, Takashi Murakamis school boy alien robot, and Rubber Johnny, a short film by Chris Cunningham that portrays a boy with the ability to contort his body into unnatural positions who is locked up in the family basement. Three different stories developed in the times of Romanticism and Millennium. They depict teenage boys who will never grow up or never had a childhood and are questioning what features define the human form and identity. Following these traits the collection portrays the fusion between the romantic and the millennium era, the isolation and the deconstruction of the human body into garments. Abnormal excess, bulks and misproportions placed at the arms and neck; challenging what a real human being looks like.

Motocross has neen an influence for both shape and techniques like the ultimate teenage sport it embodies the fusion between man and machine and longing for the highest speed. The prints feature illustrations influenced by romantic portraits and the late 90 s Japanese pop art. Technological materials have replaced natural fibers and organic materials have been treated to look artificial visualizing how beauty might be redefined when humanoid robots become common.

Pictures from lookbook by photografer Jens Langkjær