Modern Tribes

In my collection Modern Tribes I have looked at the universal human need to gather and be a part of something bigger than oneself.
Modern people are very focused on being individual and unique – we climbed the top of the Maslow ladder years ago, but we still seem to join communities, groups and share beliefs. Native tribes express their geographical and religious stance through clothing, modern subcultures signal ideals through clothing as well.
In this project I explore the resemblances and differences in the modern and native tribe clothing, combining native patterns with modern statement signs and the expression of an "urban warrior".
With the collection I wish to tell about our need to belong, how we through our clothing signal our commune stance in life.

My collections "Modern Tribes" & "Different sides of a personality" took part in the exhibition "Knit works" at The National Museum of Scotland in July 2014, arranged by The Danish Cultural Institute during Edinburg International Fashion Festival.

Pictures by: Photographer Louise Damgaard & Model Freja, 2pm model management